Fitness Tips for Beginners

Fitness Tips for Beginners

Have you been planning to workout for quite some time already? It’s always easy to plan it out but starting it is where most of us struggle as for the first day when we decide to do it, not all of us know what to do or in other cases, when the muscle pain of the first day hits, it’s like you just don’t want to do it anymore. But before you stop, think about it again. 

If you are a beginner, here are some tips to help you on your fitness journey:

  • Set your goals - take some time and ask yourself “why am I doing this?”, “what changes do I want to see in myself?,  “how am I gonna achieve my goal?” as this will be the fuel that will keep you going whenever you think about quitting.
  • Invest on the things that you may need - You will be needing appropriate tools and clothing in order to avoid injuries or accidents during workout. 
  • Feel the pain - all the pain after workout is normal. Just feel it until you get used to it. It's your body’s response to the movements you are doing.
  • Be Consistent - Set a schedule of how many times you are going to workout each week and make sure to be able to follow it and stick to it until your body has adjusted well and you can do it regularly.
  • Know that results don’t happen overnight. - don’t make yourself believe that you should see changes right away after your first day of working out. It will take some time and you have to be patient with the process as well as with yourself.

Regular exercise has been shown to significantly improve your health which is why it is very important. It’s not enough that you only eat healthy, or that you are having enough sleep at night. It requires a lot of determination and courage, and most importantly, effort and patience.

It is never easy at first and it will never be, but when your body gets used to it, it then becomes a  habit and more likely becomes a part of your daily routine. Improving your health might be demanding but it will always be worth it.

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